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Catch up with my writing on the blogs 10,000 Birds and Wild Tobago.

ebook - Caribbean Waterbirds

Have you ever had dreams of witnessing the highest single-drop waterfall on earth? Or being immersed in the oldest legally protected rainforest in the western hemisphere? Perhaps you have been considering your existence as a human being and would like to visit the cradle of civilization. Guess what, there are birds in all of these places - and what's more, our network of competent, passionate, and experienced local guides are ready and willing to show them to you!


Tours are fully tailored to meet all your needs and desires. There is much more to experience than what you can find in typical travel brochures. You can help create an equitable existence for many communities and let responsible, non-extractive small-scale tourism flourish. From meal plans to beach days to target species, contact me today and let's make dreams come true. 

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