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The Best of T&T

A little over two years ago, I was asked to take someone out birding. That person ended up being the leader of a visiting group whose ethos and field etiquette matched mine perfectly. Deliberately omitting some details of this story, the wheels of a new T&T trip, the likes of which had never been seen before, were put in motion. This time, with yours truly at the helm.

I do not consider myself an authority on anything but what I can say is that I wholeheartedly enjoy having a good time. Life is too short to skimp on enjoyment, and operating within the tourism industry means that pleasure is a valuable currency. Thus, "The Best of T&T" was - from conception - already destined to be much more than a birding tour.

After meticulous planning borne out of my own desire to share the absolute finest experiences Trinidad and Tobago has to offer, this trip, dubbed "The Best of T&T" - kicked off on April 1st, 2024. This marked the beginning of our two week tour of T&T, hosting Bird Alliance of Oregon, during which we enjoyed copious conversations on all topics imaginable, running gags leading to hysterical peals of laughter, consistent interruptions due to wildlife sightings, and a seemingly endless supply of hearty, healthful food.

I do have a working relationship with Bird Alliance of Oregon, having facilitated several online classes in the past including the ethics-focused Birding with Kindness as well as a four-part bird photography class. Needless to say there was already a comfortable level of familiarity with the organisation, and I wanted everyone to feel like they had come home. This desire factored heavily into the choice of lodging, the initial few days of the trip were spent at the very homely Hacienda Jacana in central Trinidad. The handcrafted meals and familial atmosphere made an indelible impression in most folks.

In fact, every facet of this itinerary was carefully curated to ensure continuous cycles of stimulation and stillness, effort and relaxation, difficult and easy birding, and so many other aspects of the experience. Birding involves being in nature which is after all, a restorative process. We should feel enlivened after two weeks in two supremely fascinating islands!

Please enjoy some highlights from this first-of-its-kind tour. Remember to click on the picture for a full size view!

"The Best of T&T" will run again in 2026. Stay tuned.

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Haha, just when I thought I was safe from seeing the green heron eat the bananquit! Doh!

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